News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Auditors to condemn EU spending 0 bbc
OU offers free learning materials 0 bbc
Bid to attract scientists to UK 0 bbc
Soldiers return from Afghan tour 0 bbc
Campaign looks at 'future legacy' 0 bbc
Real beat Barcelona to close gap 0 bbc
Panamanians 'back canal project' 8 bbc
Panamanians 'back canal project' 7 bbc
Double arson 'intended to kill' 4 bbc
Hungary remembers 1956 uprising 4 bbc
UN envoy ordered to leave Sudan 4 bbc
Rebels attack eastern Chad town 0 bbc
Brain warning in cannabis TV ad 0 bbc
Unifil head hints at use of force 1 bbc
Georgian anger at Putin war claim 3 bbc
Panamanians 'back canal project' 6 bbc