News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man killed over press-ups contest 2 bbc
Mystery over Sudan 'air strike' 1 bbc
Akon launches anti-slavery song 1 bbc
Huge expansion for turbine plant 1 bbc
Plans for abortion advice TV ads 13 bbc
Blast rips through Baghdad crowd 5 bbc
Madonna 'to adopt second child' 0 bbc
Dissidents defend use of violence 0 bbc
'Too popular' green scheme closed 1 bbc
Sri Lanka army 'repulses Tigers' 2 bbc
Gurkha settlement plan 'in weeks' 4 bbc
Obama answers internet questions 3 bbc
Police to probe UK torture claims 5 bbc
Pirates seize tankers off Somalia 3 bbc
Father jailed for murdering baby 0 bbc
McCann appeal returns to Portugal 1 bbc