News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Back garden seal to be released 0 bbc
Life on one of the world's most remote islands 20 bbc
Why does God allow natural disasters? 7 bbc
SNP budget plan approval expected 1 bbc
DUP and UUP hold secret meetings 10 bbc
Man, 19, questioned over murder 3 bbc
Viagra, an accidental drug story 3 bbc
Rugby players quizzed over rape 3 bbc
Haiti quake: Aid workers' diaries 4 bbc
English NHS 'the most efficient' 7 bbc
Obama's party loses Kennedy seat 24 bbc
Taxi rape case police disciplined 7 bbc
Eight dead in Virginia shootings 10 bbc
Mobiles used to stop bogus taxis 0 bbc
Swamp fever found in two horses 0 bbc
Weather warnings in place again 0 bbc