News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Eight dead in Virginia shootings 13 bbc
Taxi rape case police disciplined 10 bbc
Obama's party loses Kennedy seat 27 bbc
English NHS 'the most efficient' 10 bbc
Viagra, an accidental drug story 6 bbc
DUP and UUP hold secret meetings 13 bbc
Winehouse admits theatre assault 2 bbc
SNP budget plan approval expected 4 bbc
Bee decline link to nature fall 2 bbc
Vietnam tries democracy activists 9 bbc
Jailed businessman freed by court 0 bbc
600 jobs hope with car parts firm 0 bbc
Nigeria riot city 'under control' 0 bbc
Lady T and the licence fee 0 bbc
South Koreans told to make babies 1 bbc
Vietnam tries democracy activists 8 bbc