News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fan banned for Bent mother abuse 1 bbc
Cabinet misled on war, says Short 14 bbc
Lancet accepts MMR study 'false' 1 bbc
Man offered degrees for spanking 1 bbc
Avatar and Locker lead Oscar nods 5 bbc
Guinea aide blamed for massacre 0 bbc
Hamas: Talks over Shalit stopped 0 bbc
Pair found with 25 gunshot wounds 0 bbc
Jail for 'sex-obsessed' predator 0 bbc
Pc killed in car crash is named 4 bbc
Extra year in power for Rajapaksa 1 bbc
Obama skipping Spain EU-US summit 0 bbc
Rooney faces £4.3m legal action 0 bbc
Student denies boyfriend murder 0 bbc
Sunbathing ups men's testosterone 2 bbc
Avatar and Locker lead Oscar nods 4 bbc