News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pakistan troops 'repel US raid' 0 bbc
Turning to the Taleban in Pakistan 2 bbc
Army recruit found hanged at camp 4 bbc
'Eta' bomb kills Spanish officer 3 bbc
Sweet smells foster sweet dreams 1 bbc
Somali fighters attack AU bases 3 bbc
Zuma deputy to be S Africa leader 4 bbc
Pakistan leaders' 'narrow escape' 3 bbc
Labour conference: At-a-glance 5 bbc
China stock market bounces back 0 bbc
Israel poised for coalition talks 0 bbc
TV satire wins four Emmy honours 3 bbc
Number of fake £1 coins 'doubles' 4 bbc
TV satire wins four Emmy honours 2 bbc
Labour conference: At-a-glance 4 bbc
Russian navy sails to Venezuela 0 bbc