News Article Title Version Source Discovered
French far-right leader sentenced 0 bbc
Home repossessions rise to 27,000 5 bbc
Oil firms ordered to Niger Delta 0 bbc
OAP robbed as he prayed in church 0 bbc
Tourists warned of UAE drug laws 0 bbc
Labour MPs' referendum fight vow 0 bbc
Stars out for Madonna fundraiser 5 bbc
Tied US rivals fight for momentum 6 bbc
US election delegate overview 2 bbc
Facebook translated into Spanish 1 bbc
Gay Asians 'marrying to conform' 2 bbc
Accused 'victim of coincidences' 6 bbc
Accused 'victim of coincidences' 5 bbc
Why do councils love jargon? 0 bbc
Gaza rocket barrage hits Israel 0 bbc
Tornado baby survivor 'a miracle' 0 bbc