News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Election campaigns reach climax 6 bbc
MI5 row sparks 7/7 inquiry calls 0 bbc
OK! wins Zeta Jones photo battle 2 bbc
Ok! win Zeta Jones photo battle 1 bbc
Businessman missing in helicopter 4 bbc
New phone rules for TV quiz shows 1 bbc
Search on for missing helicopter 3 bbc
Election campaigns reach climax 5 bbc
S Korea to seize 'traitors' land 0 bbc
'Lack of vehicles' in Afghanistan 0 bbc
Sri Lanka troops 'kill 13 rebels' 1 bbc
Sea warnings follow dinghy death 0 bbc
Bryson to head litterbug campaign 1 bbc
Russia accused of 'attack on EU' 1 bbc
Rescuers tackle fire at care home 6 bbc
Sri Lanka troops 'kill 13 rebels' 0 bbc