News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Spain says Eta peace talks 'over' 1 bbc
Vickery replaces Corry as captain 1 bbc
Net tightens on Somali Islamists 0 bbc
Model Moss denies marriage claims 0 bbc
Ad Breakdown's pick of 2006 6 bbc
PM urges party to stay New Labour 3 bbc
First UK pit bull amnesty begins 4 bbc
Family devastated by girl's death 5 bbc
'Body trade' link to child deaths 0 bbc
Celtic 2-0 Kilmarnock 0 bbc
Flintoff seeks big England total 0 bbc
Vickery replaces Corry as captain 0 bbc
Five-year-old critical after fire 7 bbc
Cartoon protester 'urged murder' 1 bbc
Wales top of Britain's sick list 1 bbc
Iraq investigates Saddam footage 8 bbc