News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Euro MPs spurn 'pure vodka' bid 3 bbc
Calls for horse river plunge ban 3 bbc
Brown predicts UK to get EU deal 5 bbc
New biker, 71, died of excitement 1 bbc
Minister joins fight to save hill 0 bbc
Brown heckled over NHS pay rise 2 bbc
Nightclub collapses in city fire 6 bbc
'Militants' die in Pakistan blast 0 bbc
US, Israel vow to support Abbas 6 bbc
UK's 'deep concern' over Rushdie 7 bbc
Tree pipe protest eviction starts 3 bbc
Eyesore or gem: Brunel Roundabout 1 bbc
Iraq rises up failed states index 1 bbc
Tory review targets public health 1 bbc
Best docs 'culled' by new system 2 bbc
UK's 'deep concern' over Rushdie 6 bbc