News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Leicester 43-15 Bristol 3 bbc
Rape charges dropped in Duke case 0 bbc
Space shuttle returns to Florida 12 bbc
Pc murderers must serve 35 years 5 bbc
Leicester 43-15 Bristol 2 bbc
Leicester 43-15 Bristol 1 bbc
Space shuttle returns to Florida 11 bbc
Gilchrist upbeat on Aussie future 0 bbc
Jayasuriya inspires Sri Lanka win 0 bbc
Church denies funeral for Italian 0 bbc
Leicester 43-15 Bristol 0 bbc
UK army 'not too small to cope' 2 bbc
Irving criticises 'Stalinist law' 1 bbc
Girl, 17, is charged with murder 1 bbc
Police cell measures come to end 1 bbc
Tesco recalling Christmas lights 1 bbc