News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Drugs education 'is not working' 0 bbc
Norwich Union cuts 100 city jobs 0 bbc
Hezbollah accused of war crimes 1 bbc
Gun rampage at Canadian college 15 bbc
Indonesian jailed for Bali bomb 2 bbc
Indonesian jailed for Bali bomb 1 bbc
Norwich Union cuts 4,000 UK jobs 2 bbc
Few MLAs 'raise rates complaints' 0 bbc
Hunt crisis blamed on in-fighting 0 bbc
Brown says Blair 'is my friend' 2 bbc
Drugs education 'is not working' 4 bbc
Cuba releases new Castro images 0 bbc
Kashmir soldier kills colleague 1 bbc
Aviva plans to cut 4,000 UK jobs 1 bbc
Plan for town £30m hotel complex 0 bbc
Schoolgirl fight video is removed 0 bbc