News Article Title Version Source Discovered
IMF lifts world growth estimates 1 bbc
Aviva plans to cut 4,000 UK jobs 0 bbc
Drugs education 'is not working' 3 bbc
Award hope for blind arts group 0 bbc
Man quizzed over 1966 baby death 0 bbc
Rice demands Israel recognition 0 bbc
Russia central banker shot dead 1 bbc
Kashmir soldier kills colleague 0 bbc
Papers assess report on drug use 0 bbc
'Drastic' shrinkage in Arctic ice 0 bbc
Verdict due for Bali bomb suspect 0 bbc
Criminal fines scheme nets £1.4m 0 bbc
Short says she is ready to retire 0 bbc
Drugs education 'is not working' 2 bbc
Gun rampage at Canadian college 14 bbc
Chinese mine flood traps workers 0 bbc