News Article Title Version Source Discovered
EU plans attack on car emissions 0 bbc
Germany pushes Muslim integration 0 bbc
Briton killed in Egypt bus crash 0 bbc
Family angry at 'bumbling' police 0 bbc
France frees Russian billionaire 1 bbc
Labour 'will protect union link' 0 bbc
BP's Browne to stand down in July 0 bbc
Footballer in court over assault 0 bbc
Rangers agree Smith compensation 2 bbc
Drifting ship under tow to port 4 bbc
DUP 'agreed policing timeframe' 3 bbc
Police recapture escaped gunman 1 bbc
S Koreans released in Niger Delta 1 bbc
Insurers sued over torn Picasso 0 bbc
S Koreans released in Niger Delta 0 bbc
Bovver boots and ballerinas 0 bbc