News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bhutto-Musharraf talks 'stalled' 0 bbc
Schoolteacher cleared in sex case 0 bbc
'Slap' teacher's sacking unfair 0 bbc
Schools told to end meals decline 2 bbc
Man is charged over HIV 'assault' 1 bbc
Korea talks will not be extended 5 bbc
£1,000 expenses a week for MLAs 2 bbc
Cameron preparing to rally Tories 7 bbc
Bluetongue cases increase to 24 1 bbc
Gambari prepares key Burma report 2 bbc
More hours for farm lorry drivers 0 bbc
Cadbury factories shed 700 jobs 4 bbc
Wal-Mart set to open Mexico banks 0 bbc
Polish envoy hurt in Iraq blasts 3 bbc
Team to recover U-boat diver body 3 bbc
Cadbury factories shed 700 jobs 3 bbc