News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Africa lukewarm over Sarkozy win 1 bbc
US general warns against torture 0 bbc
Top vet's visit to 'sacred' bull 0 bbc
Last goodbye for Blair and Chirac 3 bbc
City vigil for missing Madeleine 0 bbc
Screening as pupils contract TB 0 bbc
Firms fined over driver's death 0 bbc
Demands issued on Johnston tape 8 bbc
Africa facing major cancer blight 1 bbc
Biscuit company to axe 660 jobs 2 bbc
Guinea soldiers suspend protest 1 bbc
Last goodbye for Blair and Chirac 2 bbc
Asbo OAP guilty of road offences 2 bbc
Spanish law targets house prices 0 bbc
Karachi braced for judge protests 0 bbc
MP and Pc makes loaded gun arrest 0 bbc