News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Earthquake strikes southern Iran 10 bbc
US Bolivia ambassador 'expelled' 2 bbc
Obama rejects 'lipstick' charge 11 bbc
Washington diary: Pigs and lipstick 0 bbc
Obama rejects 'lipstick' charge 10 bbc
Third fish kill incident for town 0 bbc
US Bolivia ambassador 'expelled' 1 bbc
Hague prosecutor checks on Serbia 2 bbc
Budget holiday company goes bust 4 bbc
Lebanon lawmaker killed in blast 3 bbc
US Bolivia ambassador 'expelled' 0 bbc
Suspend home packs, Tories urge 0 bbc
US to focus on Pakistani border 7 bbc
Lebanon lawmaker killed in blast 2 bbc
Conflict fear over Arctic borders 0 bbc
Ancient trees recorded in mines 1 bbc