News Article Title Version Source Discovered
River trawled in librarian search 1 bbc
Man dies after being hit by wave 1 bbc
BRC warns on weak Christmas trade 0 bbc
Family asks for calm over death 0 bbc
High winds cut power to thousands 0 bbc
Gales and rain bring disruption 0 bbc
IFA condemns post-match violence 0 bbc
Serbs march in support of Seselj 1 bbc
Philippines buries typhoon dead 2 bbc
Hoggard wickets give England edge 8 bbc
Flood warnings follow heavy rain 0 bbc
MPs urge 'climate change' budget 0 bbc
Postman 'inspires junk opt-outs' 0 bbc
Chavez seeks re-election mandate 4 bbc
Chavez seeks re-election mandate 3 bbc
Profile: Hugo Chavez 0 bbc