News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bush approval rating tracker 2 bbc
Agent 'smuggled baseball players' 2 bbc
Journalist dies in Mexico protest 4 bbc
Two Palestinians killed in Gaza 3 bbc
China to build Nigerian railway 3 bbc
Jodi killer's lawyer in DNA claim 2 bbc
School prays for Corfu children 4 bbc
Two accused over 'fake' HIV tests 3 bbc
Police bail 'Mr Loophole' lawyer 7 bbc
Sri Lanka jets bomb rebel areas 1 bbc
Bombed school 'will be rebuilt' 1 bbc
US mid-terms at-a-glance: 2 November 5 bbc
Disabled protest against closures 2 bbc
Britain is 'surveillance society' 14 bbc
Man jailed for four fire murders 7 bbc
Russia wins Bulgaria nuclear deal 2 bbc