News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fatal bullet missed Pc's armour 1 bbc
Two Palestinians killed in Gaza 1 bbc
Unionists against joint economy 4 bbc
National theatre for Wales call 2 bbc
Somalia's Islamists take key town 2 bbc
Eriksson link to West Ham denied 5 bbc
Guitarist splits from Duran Duran 4 bbc
Clarkson gives Hammond all-clear 2 bbc
The politics of excess in France 1 bbc
Murder victim 'fled half naked' 1 bbc
Niger starts mass Arab expulsions 3 bbc
Bush signs Mexico fence into law 5 bbc
'Backlog' of terror trials denied 1 bbc
Prodi tax records 'were spied on' 1 bbc
Police chief urges veil row calm 1 bbc
Teenager in court over Jack death 6 bbc