News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Cyprus and Malta to adopt euros 0 bbc
Rebels behead Philippine troops 1 bbc
Girls under 16 'should not model' 2 bbc
UN criticises Afghan insurgents 0 bbc
Jones to become Rhodri's deputy 1 bbc
Millions spent on 'on ice' review 0 bbc
Jones to become Rhodri's deputy 0 bbc
Kate Middleton 'hounded', say MPs 1 bbc
21/7 plotters face life sentences 1 bbc
Abducted baby 'no danger' claim 0 bbc
Papers ponder new marriage perks 0 bbc
Youths 'bored in school holidays' 0 bbc
Ex-Boeing worker in leak charges 0 bbc
US could approve clones as food 0 bbc
Plastic bag ban wins popular vote 0 bbc
Internet bid to help cut suicides 0 bbc