News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Al-Qaeda condemns Rushdie honour 3 bbc
Pay rise for nurses gets go-ahead 7 bbc
MPs debate terror detention limit 0 bbc
Damaged hull of Napoli examined 1 bbc
Students worried by cows rescued 5 bbc
Google buys e-mail security firm 1 bbc
Pay rise for nurses gets go-ahead 6 bbc
Baghdad's Green Zone under fire 2 bbc
Polish coalition crisis defused 1 bbc
Al-Qaeda condemns Rushdie honour 2 bbc
Shop staff tied up by armed gang 0 bbc
Boy finds extinct reptile's bones 0 bbc
Heathrow works to clear bag delay 4 bbc
Health fears over burning tyres 0 bbc
Pakistani rebel cleric 'killed' 5 bbc
All universities 'to run academy' 2 bbc