News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pakistan school raid sparks anger 4 bbc
Kriss trial hears from car valet 3 bbc
Oil blast claims to be negotiated 1 bbc
Saddam witness describes attack 2 bbc
West Ham 2-1 Blackburn 5 bbc
Murray wary of recall for Henman 2 bbc
Far-right joins Israel coalition 3 bbc
Many casualties in Baghdad blast 10 bbc
Welsh writer scoops Dylan prize 3 bbc
Police hit out over 120 job cuts 5 bbc
Spanish captive released in Gaza 3 bbc
Officer advises on drinking hours 3 bbc
US debates 'hidden' food fats ban 5 bbc
Zoo celebrating rare dove birth 2 bbc
Bulgaria leader wins second term 3 bbc
Elis-Thomas angry at budget vote 4 bbc