News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Austria set for general election 1 bbc
Israeli soldiers 'out of Lebanon' 0 bbc
Cameron set to avoid tax giveaway 0 bbc
Girl, 17, critical after stabbing 0 bbc
Latest poll shows Tory lead slips 1 bbc
Israeli strikes target Gaza Strip 0 bbc
Flights from UK 'escape US bans' 0 bbc
Girl, 15, held after baby death 0 bbc
Austria set for general election 0 bbc
Total curfew declared in Baghdad 4 bbc
Brazil mourns air crash victims 0 bbc
Priests 'took US church millions' 1 bbc
Titanic life vest fetches £43,000 4 bbc
EU-US airline data talks collapse 3 bbc
Lottery results: Are you a winner? 1 bbc
Zambian presidential race narrows 7 bbc