News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Woman, 26, admits killing mother 1 bbc
Oil and gas discovered in Zambia 1 bbc
Reid to set new EU migrant rules 1 bbc
UN envoy prepares to leave Sudan 5 bbc
Defoe hits back at 'bite' reports 6 bbc
Protests hit Hungary 1956 events 16 bbc
Protests hit Hungary 1956 events 15 bbc
UK 'tops energy wasters league' 12 bbc
Suspended term for teen 'racer' 0 bbc
'Back NICE' government is urged 1 bbc
Schumi comes under fire from Hill 0 bbc
Hape set to miss Lions encounter 0 bbc
Islamists recapture Somali town 0 bbc
Train defecator hunted by police 0 bbc
Actor Ford 'fit' to play Indiana 1 bbc
Manhunt continues after abduction 2 bbc