News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Logo shows 'approved' drug sites 0 bbc
Scores of bodies found in Baghdad 7 bbc
Fishing report 'ignores reality' 3 bbc
Man dies after eating bath tablet 2 bbc
Men charged after police shooting 4 bbc
Sydney imam seeks tribunal ruling 2 bbc
Panama agreement ends UN seat row 8 bbc
MoD lifts ban on ITN journalists 1 bbc
US closes 'bomb secrets' website 1 bbc
Africa focus for climate summit 1 bbc
Nicaragua poll points to Ortega 7 bbc
FA launches coin-throwing probes 2 bbc
Call for baby mercy death debate 1 bbc
Rioting by India police hopefuls 2 bbc
US mid-terms at-a-glance: 3 November 1 bbc
Sex-row US pastor 'bought drugs' 1 bbc