News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Mother 'let partner hurt baby' 1 bbc
Expert's Omagh evidence admission 2 bbc
Dissidents 'preparing to attack' 2 bbc
Longer sentences for jobless call 4 bbc
MPs' expenses claims exceed £86m 3 bbc
Anti-terror plan targets internet 12 bbc
RAF man 'saw troops abuse Iraqis' 3 bbc
France jails Reunion bomb plotter 1 bbc
Police launch gun crime strategy 2 bbc
Medicine contained impotency drug 2 bbc
No action over police chief blog 2 bbc
Chip shops beating school canteen 1 bbc
Straw backs BBC Taleban interview 2 bbc
Jailed fan set for return to UK 3 bbc
Bahrain death boat was 'unsteady' 2 bbc
Stately home slavery links probed 2 bbc