News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Attack on Nigeria oil facilities 2 bbc
UK children found dead in Corfu 24 bbc
UK children found dead in Corfu 20 bbc
Microsoft profits beat estimates 2 bbc
Queen cancels visit after injury 6 bbc
Iran denies Argentina bomb charge 1 bbc
FBI probing 'nuclear info leak' 2 bbc
Maradona to hold Honduras talks 1 bbc
Crowding 'delays jail's progress' 1 bbc
Victimisation concerns at prison 1 bbc
Two 'militants' arrested in India 1 bbc
Radioactive waste 'to be buried' 5 bbc
Minister confirms asylum reform 2 bbc
Diabetes innovation scoops award 2 bbc
Man banned from touching muscles 1 bbc
French police put on high alert 1 bbc