News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Officer shot dead Azelle Rodney to prevent him firing at police, court hears 7 guardian
Queen 'could move out of Buckingham Palace' 10 bbc
NSA Pitches Geospatial Intelligence Contractors at GEOINT Event 0 theintercept
Palestinians and the International Criminal Court: What You Need to Know 0 nytimes
Child poverty does not only exist in a vacuum filled with hard-done-by urchins 0 guardian
Police believe escaped convicts have armed themselves with stolen weapons 0 guardian
Labour can win votes if it stands by its principles 0 guardian
Coldplay star Chris Martin's acoustic guitar an auction hit 0 bbc
Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal announces run for president in video 1 guardian
Terrorism v hate crime: How US courts decide 2 bbc
Obama calls Hollande to promise NSA is no longer spying on French president 0 guardian
Confederate flag is tainted by racism 0 guardian
English Labour Party could be on its way, says former policy chief 0 independent
Donald Macintyre's Sketch: Amal Clooney drops in to chamber but wheelchairs are not welcome 0 independent
David Cameron under pressure from Tory MPs to review controversial 'bedroom tax' 1 independent
Calais migrants: 'we have to keep trying because this is no place to stay' 2 guardian