News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bradford photography collection move to V&A reviled as 'vandalism' 1 guardian
Britain Receives Proposals for ‘Better Deal’ on E.U. Membership 2 nytimes
BP announces up to 3,000 new job cuts 6 bbc
I'm not Corbyn's patsy, Sadiq Khan to tell Londoners 1 guardian
Northampton man charged with murder of India Chipchase 1 guardian
David Miliband calls for 1m work permits for Syrian refugees 1 guardian
Why it matters that Terry Wogan was Irish 1 guardian
Syria troops advance near Aleppo, amid frail UN peace bid 2 washpo
Term-time holiday father given second fine for Lapland trip 1 bbc
Amsterdam police recover body of Briton Richard Cole from canal 1 guardian
Cambridge University to introduce written admissions tests 1 guardian
India’s top court to re-examine gay rights 1 washpo
British woman dies in skiing accident in French Alps 1 guardian
The Latest: Opposition has ‘no optimism’ for peace talks 1 washpo
Virginia man restrained after melee on flight from Washington 0 washpo
The real Potomac is nothing like ‘Real Housewives’ — except for the money 0 washpo