News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Walter Graf, leader in paramedic emergency care, dies at 98 0 washpo
Afghan government turns to militias as Taliban gains strength 0 washpo
Refugee crisis: Angela Merkel's allies could desert her over Germany's open-door policy 0 independent
Report slams 'inhuman' detention of Alois Dvorzac, 84, who died while awaiting deportation 0 independent
Married at First Sight couple have marriage annulled eight months after meeting on Channel 4 'experiment' 0 independent
Shoreham plane crash: Victims' families question why pilot has not been interviewed 0 independent
Private forensics firms use scientific advances to combat crime and cuts 0 independent
Dagestan gunmen shoot tourists at fortress in south Russia 1 bbc
Idaho plane crash: Police say 14-year-old girl is 'beyond lucky' after she survives deadly crash 0 independent
Ireland marries its first same-sex couple 0 independent
James Moss: Single father feeds homeless in Denver after he was helped by crowdfunding campaign 0 independent
Muslim cab driver shot in back by passenger 'ranting about Isis' 0 independent
Little Italy: End of an era for American Mafia as hipsters tour New York City streets once walked by wiseguys 0 independent
Storm Frank batters parts of UK causing flooding fears 12 bbc
Smashed Hits: Ace of Spades 1 bbc
Aide to Kim Jong-un Dies in Car Accident, North Korean Media Says 3 nytimes