News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Swedish artist flew to Nigeria and befriended man who scammed her 0 independent
Man arrested on terrorism charges after suspicious item found at London Tube station 0 independent
West Midlands Police officer who assaulted children convicted 4 bbc
Parents watch in horror as police officer resuscitates their three-year-old boy after seizure 1 independent
India’s Intricate Caste System 0 nytimes
Declaring ‘That’s Me,’ and Empowering Latinas 0 nytimes
Japan earthquake: 6.2 magnitude quake hits Japan 3 independent
New York Today: Secret Rooms and Speakeasies 2 nytimes
WikiLeaks releases yet more #PodestaEmails from Clinton campaign chair 2 rtcom
Thousands of Men to Be Pardoned for Gay Sex, Once a Crime in Britain 2 nytimes
Moscow summons Belgian ambassador, presents data on F-16s bombing of Syrian civilians 2 rtcom
Donald Trump Heckled by New York Elite at Charity Dinner 5 nytimes
No, It’s Not Just You. The Internet Is Having Problems. 0 nytimes
Global wine prices set to soar as production nears 20-year low due to severe weather hitting harvests 1 independent
Joe Reilly murder: Victim 'shot a number times' in Poleglass home 4 bbc
Care home worker Karen Pedley given 14 life sentences 3 bbc