News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Oil prices see further declines 3 bbc
New species of snail named in celebration of same-sex marriage 2 guardian
Tranmere confirm sacking of manager Rob Edwards 1 guardian
Kenya's Ali Mazrui: Death of a towering intellectual 0 bbc
Salzburg to pay €1m to prostitutes for illegal medical check charges 0 guardian
Booming Chinese frontier town reveals growing Russian ties – and old divide 0 guardian
Ben Flower's punches and 10 of the worst cheap shots in sport 0 guardian
Ebola outbreak: US prepares for more infections 0 bbc
Real life American Horror Story: Freak Show? Scores of 'Wasco' clowns are terrorising rural California 1 independent
UK funding Kurdish bomb disposal training, says Hammond 3 bbc
NHS staff strike in dispute over pay 13 bbc
Heathrow Ebola screening from Tuesday 3 bbc
Ebola outbreak: Liberia medics defy 'danger money' strike call 4 bbc
Health worker who treated Dallas patient tests positive for Ebola 1 washpo
Turkey denies new deal reached to open airbases to US in fight against Isis 2 guardian
Isis brings back slavery: Yazidi girls sold to Isis fighters as concubines for $1,000 0 independent