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Switzerland’s special status in Europe is gone – the euro crisis is here 0 guardian
Royal Marine murder conviction: Alexander Blackman debate postponed 0 bbc
Eaten Alive: Can the Discovery Channel recover from a series of fear-mongering shows? 0 independent
Bakery sent religious discrimination complaint for refusing to ice cake with anti-gay slogans 0 independent
World Economic Forum 2015: Prince Andrew expected to attend networking event in Davos 0 independent
Man jailed for killing friend who was testing ‘bullet-proof’ vest in Cambridgeshire 0 independent
Emma Thompson: Stop Tesco setting up shop in 'villagey' Belsize 0 independent
'Del Boy' sheepskin firm Nursey closes after 169 years 0 bbc
Police commander sacked over 'sensitive leak' 0 bbc
Sameena Imam: Police find body in allotment search 0 bbc
A French Town Linked to Jihad Asks Itself Why 0 nytimes
Belgian raids reinforce fears of new terror attacks in Europe 0 guardian
Egypt shows scant regard for justice with death sentences for activists 0 guardian
Seven-year sentence for killer in blunder over ‘bulletproof’ vest 0 guardian
Tennessee Satanist Gregory Hale jailed for life after dismembering and eating woman's body 0 independent
Obama hosts screening of the acclaimed civil rights drama 'Selma' after Oscar snub 0 independent