News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Centres caught rigging construction safety exams 1 bbc
Bank of England says EU makes UK economy more dynamic 1 bbc
Ahmed Mohamed accepts scholarship in Qatar after Texas clock incident 1 guardian
Basildon murder probe launched after fatal stabbing 1 bbc
Netanyahu Holocaust remarks: Israeli PM criticised 3 bbc
Per pupil spending 'to fall by 8%' 2 bbc
New York police officer shot dead while responding to reports of gunfire 5 guardian
Bashar al-Assad thanks Putin for Syria strikes as Russia announces US talks 4 guardian
Syria crisis: Russia step ups diplomacy after Assad trip 0 bbc
ESPN sports channel to cut 300 jobs 0 bbc
British lawyer and wife murdered in Tobago 0 bbc
British airstrikes against Isis forces in Syria 'high risk and pointless' 0 guardian
Fly, funky and fearless: meet the Black Romantics 0 guardian
Class War protester cleared of criminal damage at 'poor doors' demonstration 0 guardian
Why the Bank is unable to distance itself from politics 0 guardian
Clash of the tenors: dispute leaves Hampshire opera festival seeking new home 0 guardian