News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Trump campaign manager charged with battery in Florida 1 washpo
FTSE 100 flat after mining stocks fall 3 bbc
Leonardo DiCaprio travels to Sumatra to support rainforest conservation efforts 1 guardian
The Guardian view on Yemen’s war: a year of living shamefully 0 guardian
Farm animal welfare codes and the bottom line 0 guardian
Romcoms warp our idea of love. But it can take a real-life drama to make us notice 0 guardian
The Guardian view on the national living wage: not the end but the beginning 0 guardian
British Airways bans female passenger for life 'after mid-flight argument' 0 independent
Montenegro Expels Foreigners Linked With Japanese Cult 0 nytimes
Syria’s Assad tries to polish image with Palmyra’s recapture 4 washpo
Brussels attacks: the confirmed victims 2 guardian
EgyptAir hijack: Man held after using fake suicide belt 1 bbc
Patty Duke, Oscar-winning American actress, dies at 69 2 bbc
Corey Lewandowski: Trump campaign manager charged with alleged assault 4 guardian
Pakistan's counter-terror offensive after Lahore attack 0 bbc
Nigerian official: Surrendered bomber not a “Chibok girl” 2 washpo