News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Businessman finds iPhone that fell out of plane during US flight 1 guardian
Craig Ison shark attack: Australian surfer punches shark in 'Mike Fanning replay' 1 independent
Morrissey alleges sexual assault by security guard at US airport 2 guardian
Scientists call for ban on live salamander imports to US to stop skin-eating disease 0 guardian
Americans cutting calorie intake but junk food proves a hard habit to kick 0 guardian
Jerusalem pride stabbings: Six people stabbed by ultra-Orthodox Jewish assailant at Israeli gay pride march 4 independent
Dogs and fencing for Calais to help with migrant crisis 5 bbc
Nine charged after gold thefts raids in Wrexham and Flintshire 0 bbc
Swansea nightclub site could become new council building 0 bbc
Man dies after falling down chimney in London 1 guardian
Kendal Calling Festival: Drugs warning after man dies 1 bbc
PC Neil Doyle killing: Two men guilty of manslaughter 1 bbc
Lamara Bell: Funeral for M9 crash 'ray of light' 1 bbc
Mohammad Akhtar Mansoor: Taliban fighters 'worried and confused' after death of leader 0 independent
'Extremist Israeli' attack: Photographs emerge of Palestinian toddler killed in firebombing 0 independent
Calais migrant crisis to last through summer, says Cameron 1 guardian