News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Public 'favour lower BBC licence' 14 bbc
UK soldier dies in Afghan rescue 17 bbc
China rush on 'lucky' wedding day 22 bbc
Zimbabwe sanctions 'should end' 27 bbc
Court gives 'failed' parents last chance 27 bbc
FTSE breaks through 5,000 level 28 bbc
Websites 'breaking consumer laws' 19 bbc
Pardon for football fan Shields 30 bbc
Empty home rates plan faces delay 25 bbc
Iran 'to submit nuclear package' 23 bbc
Kashmir activist discovered dead 23 bbc
UK consumer confidence increasing 33 bbc
The dangers of internet drugs? 34 bbc
UK serviceman dies in Afghan raid 33 bbc
Rankin revisits inspiration site 0 bbc
UK serviceman dies in Afghan raid 32 bbc