News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Metal theft: Britain's most annoying crime wave 0 bbc
Increased number of children in care 0 bbc
Kellingley miner death: Community 'deeply saddened' 2 bbc
Ex-Met chief Lord Stevens to lead Labour police review 5 bbc
Google boosts London's Silicon Roundabout 1 bbc
2012 Olympic short term landlords 'could face fines' 1 bbc
Edwin Poots considers charging women for non-medical caesareans 3 bbc
Former PC Timothy Allatt jailed for assaulting suspect 1 bbc
Wellington English Defence League demo cost police £342,500 0 bbc
Man charged with child sex crimes dating to 1949 0 bbc
Domino's Pizza sales rise after launch of new range 0 bbc
Egypt jails ex-minister Anas al-Fekky for seven years 0 bbc
Two men arrested over Dromore death 1 bbc
European Commission financial tax opposed by UK 2 bbc
Shanghai subway crash: Media question safety standards 0 bbc
Councils to defy 'diktat' on public service reforms 0 bbc