News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man guilty of rape and murder bid 3 bbc
7 questions on the pay gap 2 bbc
PM leaves NI without justice deal 9 bbc
Man guilty of house fire deaths 1 bbc
Dizaei threat claims 'nonsense' 2 bbc
Man guilty of house fire deaths 0 bbc
Woman, 89, dies after house fire 0 bbc
Women's prison in 'crisis' state 1 bbc
Highway will bring Nepal and Tibet 'in from the cold' 1 bbc
Diabetes sugar 'can go too low' 1 bbc
C-sections 'do not harm feeding' 1 bbc
Hospitals 'should screen for DVT' 1 bbc
What is delaying a cure for Alzheimer's? 1 bbc
Auschwitz liberation celebrated 1 bbc
US blames Nigeria for extremism 9 bbc
Dizaei threat claims 'nonsense' 1 bbc