News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Typhoid making a comeback in UK 1 bbc
Appeal victory for murder accused 1 bbc
Fall in primary writing standards 2 bbc
Iraq 'fails to meet key targets' 1 bbc
Parties triple election spending 1 bbc
Saving the sounds of history 1 bbc
Sex attack phone girls detained 1 bbc
Winehouse scraps MTV appearance 2 bbc
Iran accepts fresh nuclear plan 0 bbc
US college faulted over massacre 4 bbc
Winehouse scraps MTV appearance 1 bbc
Mafia suspects arrested in Italy 2 bbc
Brown's prisons pay deal warning 3 bbc
Divorce rate lowest for 22 years 1 bbc
Strike forces wait for Pc killers 0 bbc
Animal rights scare sparks recall 1 bbc