News Article Title Version Source Discovered
White House firm on prosecutors 0 bbc
Flood-hit Texas expects more rain 0 bbc
Pill to make dieters 'feel full' 1 bbc
Benefit fraudster caught on CCTV 1 bbc
Minister suspended at probe start 1 bbc
Lebanon army 'kills protesters' 1 bbc
Union approves Delphi rescue plan 1 bbc
Narrow backing for police horses 2 bbc
Insult humbles French politician 0 bbc
Bush aims for Congress trade deal 0 bbc
Narrow backing for police horses 1 bbc
Re-discovering my father 1 bbc
Iraq Sunnis to boycott government 1 bbc
Welsh MPs handed reshuffle roles 0 bbc
Smith warns of 'sustained' threat 0 bbc
Cameron offers security support 0 bbc