News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man fined for harassing dolphins 4 bbc
Nuclear report a victory - Iran 8 bbc
New 'super-prisons' to be built 9 bbc
Rice at talks on Africa conflicts 3 bbc
Just like another 4 bbc
Two held over 'hit-and-run' death 0 bbc
UK schools slip down global table 9 bbc
Questions over illegal donation 3 bbc
Poll tax write-off call rejected 3 bbc
Funeral for third killed fireman 2 bbc
Black role models to be recruited 1 bbc
GP surgery abortions considered 6 bbc
Court drops Irish star's charges 3 bbc
Just like another 3 bbc
Government 'failing on e-crime' 0 bbc
Just like another 2 bbc