News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Windsor ready for royal wedding 1 bbc
Dominican leader wins third term 1 bbc
China leader spurs rescue effort 0 bbc
More time to quiz terror suspects 0 bbc
Lebanese leaders gather in Qatar 2 bbc
'Virulent' bug hits two hospitals 1 bbc
Bin Laden driver's trial delayed 0 bbc
Dominican leader 'wins election' 0 bbc
Carey makes new Iraq hostage plea 4 bbc
Plastic bag policy 'a diversion' 0 bbc
'Five million' homeless in quake 1 bbc
Cord blood cancer therapy boost 1 bbc
British Airways profits soar 45% 10 bbc
Dead babies 'may have been twins' 1 bbc
Carey makes new Iraq hostage plea 3 bbc
Italy pledges to bolster security 3 bbc