News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Sony cuts profit forecast in half 0 bbc
Rich and poor gap 'narrows' in UK 6 bbc
Obama: McCain will 'endanger' US 2 bbc
Drug may reverse MS brain damage 4 bbc
Israeli president in Egypt talks 0 bbc
Biker paramedics to beat traffic 0 bbc
New proposal for strike teachers 1 bbc
Turkey 'plotters' trial to resume 1 bbc
Banks face warning on small firms 0 bbc
Roads closed after disturbances 1 bbc
Sarkozy needled by 'voodoo doll' 1 bbc
Dons fear degrees are dumbed down 1 bbc
MPs support embryology proposals 8 bbc
'US missiles' hit Pakistan school 1 bbc
Lessons on sex 'to be compulsory' 8 bbc
Baghdad bombing targets minister 2 bbc