News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ex-Nigerian leader seeks return 0 bbc
Tokyo teachers win anthem case 0 bbc
Take a seat 0 bbc
Morrisons moves back into profit 4 bbc
Power handover in Iraqi province 3 bbc
Sudan welcomes Darfur extension 0 bbc
Councillors pay party snub bill 0 bbc
Rare rocking horse to go on show 0 bbc
Biotech boss quizzed over honours 7 bbc
Goldsmith for phone-tap evidence 1 bbc
Airbus confirms more A380 delays 1 bbc
Failed Amman hotel bomber to hang 4 bbc
More primary age pupils truanting 2 bbc
'We're back', says Lib Dem chief 1 bbc
World poll favours Iran diplomacy 2 bbc
More primary age pupils truanting 1 bbc