News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Spain: No request for bailout, says minister 3 bbc
Action pledge by new Wales older people's commissioner, Sarah Rochira 0 bbc
IPv6: Trillions of new net names now possible 0 bbc
Syria 'to admit aid workers' – live updates 4 guardian
German industrial production declines in April 2 bbc
Cardiff City FC revive rebranding with new red shirts 4 bbc
Jeb Bush endorses Mitt Romney's presidential campaign 42 bbc
Romney seeks Wisconsin, Maryland and DC primary wins 48 bbc
Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney for Republican nominee 43 bbc
Toddler girl from Belfast dies in Mayo caravan accident 1 bbc
Remote parts of Congo may soon get mobile coverage 2 bbc
Solar energy plane completes maiden intercontinental trip 0 guardian
Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Edinburgh expected to spread 0 guardian
Sexually exploited children are at further risk in care, says Barnardo's 0 guardian
Olympics cultural festival put on ice 0 guardian
Diamond Jubilee: City welcomes Cunard's Three Queens 6 bbc