News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Glasgow's new £692m M74 extension set to open 2 bbc
Closing speeches in 'hair in hand' murder trial 1 bbc
Syria dissidents meet in Damascus to discuss transition 6 bbc
Senegal: Buildings torched in power cut riots 1 bbc
Somalia: Rising numbers of refugees fleeing to Kenya 2 bbc
Margaret Thatcher Asprey handbag raises 'just' £25,000 3 bbc
Greece debts: General strike held amid cuts debate 5 bbc
Buju Banton sentenced to 10 years in prison 1 bbc
Moody's cuts Toyota credit rating on strong yen 0 bbc
Man shot in neck in Poleglass is taken to hospital 2 bbc
Video camera reveals secrets of ancient Mayan tomb 1 bbc
Tepco faces shareholder wrath following nuclear crisis 2 bbc
Universities shake-up calls for more competition 6 bbc
Six peers to stand for election as next Lord Speaker 0 bbc
EU Iceland accession: Tough talks ahead on fisheries 0 bbc
'Tau day' marked by opponents of maths constant pi 0 bbc