News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Dawn Makin: Bury patients warned over NHS data breach 0 bbc
Mladic arrest: Scars of Sarajevo siege still linger 1 bbc
Highlands come top in 'staycation' survey 1 bbc
Germany: Nuclear power plants to close by 2022 10 bbc
London 2012 ticket payments 'on track' to hit deadline 2 bbc
E. coli cucumber scare: Cases 'likely to increase' 6 bbc
Ratko Mladic declared fit to face Hague tribunal 20 bbc
Serbia judges reject Ratko Mladic extradition appeal 5 bbc
PBS victim of Tupac Shakur hacking hoax 2 bbc
South Korea digging for evidence in Agent Orange probe 2 bbc
Bristol Concorde museum lottery bid fails 2 bbc
Serbia: Nationalists protest over Ratko Mladic arrest 2 bbc
Hay Festival: Duchess of Cornwall promotes literacy 1 bbc
Eurozone inflation falls as unemployment stays flat 0 bbc
Anna Politkovskaya murder suspect arrested in Chechnya 0 bbc
Metropolitan police officer sacked over texts to girl 0 bbc