News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Carpetright profits slump 70% in 'challenging' trading 1 bbc
Universities shake-up calls for more competition 5 bbc
Derry parents jailed for cruelty against two daughters 1 bbc
Thorntons set to close up to 180 shops 2 bbc
Disability scheme aims to smooth access to MPs 0 bbc
Pakistan: US drone strikes kill 15 0 bbc
Glasgow's new £657m M74 extension set to open 1 bbc
Sue Ryder care home patient was 'trapped' in her bed 1 bbc
Pensions strike to hit hundreds of schools in Wales 1 bbc
Cameron to urge public sector staff to call off strike 3 bbc
Michele Bachmann: Her rise to political stardom 1 bbc
Spitfire diaries: The strange life in Dublin's PoW camp 2 bbc
Greece debts: General strike held amid cuts debate 4 bbc
Fight for graduate jobs 'hits record high' in the UK 1 bbc
Ford calls for reform after prisoner MacFerran released 1 bbc
Safety fears over Devon and Cornwall police traffic cut 0 bbc