News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Police searches follow stabbings 0 bbc
Family wants attack dog put down 0 bbc
Missing walkers aided by £5 bags 0 bbc
Teenager cleared of rape charges 0 bbc
African HIV vaccine trial launch 3 bbc
Top Saddam aide sentenced to hang 2 bbc
MyTravel and Thomas Cook merging 4 bbc
Indian rivals hail Vodafone deal 3 bbc
Unemployed 'must learn English' 6 bbc
Turkey moved from UK 'was safe' 6 bbc
Unemployed 'must learn English' 0 bbc
US urges N Korea to make decision 1 bbc
Legal battle over 'right to die' 9 bbc
Turkey moved from UK 'was safe' 5 bbc
Ministers back World Cup 2018 bid 7 bbc
You COULD make it up 3 bbc