News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Final count in close Jamaica vote 17 bbc
Barrymore to answer police bail 0 bbc
Final count in close Jamaica vote 16 bbc
New 'shoot-to-kill' hearings held 1 bbc
Eat well cash for mothers-to-be 1 bbc
Migrant workers face English test 1 bbc
3D face scans spot gene syndromes 0 bbc
Hidden method of reading revealed 0 bbc
HIPs starting for three-bed homes 0 bbc
Up to 100,000 homes at flood risk 0 bbc
Tougher bird poison sentence plea 0 bbc
Solar plane flies into the night 0 bbc
Fresh Whitear death inquest due 0 bbc
Steroid dose warning in children 0 bbc
Brown to unveil job boost plans 0 bbc
More detained in secure hospitals 0 bbc