News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Nazi sympathiser' was eccentric 0 bbc
US Senate backs terror trial bill 0 bbc
Iranian leader 'not anti-Semite' 3 bbc
No nuclear deal at EU-Iran talks 2 bbc
Traffic target 'likely to fail' 1 bbc
Shooting 'worth' £1.5bn to the UK 1 bbc
Musharraf defends his spy service 1 bbc
Falconer defends human rights law 0 bbc
Police probe road signs mystery 0 bbc
Further £9m for international aid 0 bbc
Mistakes made in Iraq, says Straw 0 bbc
Portugal raps Chavez over poster 0 bbc
Mental health services 'failing' 0 bbc
South Korean FM 'leads' UN race 2 bbc
Funeral of Sinn Fein politician 1 bbc
South Korean FM 'leads' UN race 1 bbc