News Article Title Version Source Discovered
India's BJP disowns Jinnah book 0 bbc
Youth drop-out rate hits new high 0 bbc
Mozart 'killed by strep throat' 0 bbc
Iran welcomes open nuclear talks 0 bbc
Cyrus 'stalker' to face charges 0 bbc
Water reform is 'needed in Asia' 1 bbc
Family flees after house attack 3 bbc
Corruption fears over Afghan poll 10 bbc
Armstrong issues Twitter invite 1 bbc
Train fares set to fall in 2010 2 bbc
Dead Afghanistan fusiliers named 1 bbc
Many feared dead in Russia blast 0 bbc
US man 'stole 130m card numbers' 0 bbc
Dead Afghanistan fusiliers named 0 bbc
Blackberry 'fastest-growing firm' 0 bbc
Nurse arrested in poison inquiry 2 bbc