News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Pakistan Taliban spokesman 'held' 6 bbc
McCausland slams H-Block event 0 bbc
Corruption fears over Afghan poll 8 bbc
Russia detains ship 'hijackers' 3 bbc
Chamberlain's war diary on show 1 bbc
UK inflation rate stays at 1.8% 3 bbc
Pakistan Taliban spokesman 'held' 5 bbc
Mubarak makes White House return 0 bbc
Canoeist memoir leak to be probed 1 bbc
Warning over driving fines plan 1 bbc
Pakistan Taliban spokesman 'held' 4 bbc
Villages to empty after bomb find 3 bbc
Land speed record attempt begins 1 bbc
UK inflation rate stays at 1.8% 2 bbc
Family flees after house attack 2 bbc
Water reform is 'needed in Asia' 0 bbc