News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Iran to import Venezuelan petrol 0 bbc
Tories pledge to slash MoD staff 0 bbc
County promoted using joke phrase 0 bbc
Shared campus development to open 0 bbc
Samoa drivers brace for left turn 0 bbc
Vulcan bombing mission re-enacted 0 bbc
Foreign killer pledge 'a sham' 0 bbc
Hope and rusty guns in Niger Delta 1 bbc
Cigarette branding 'misleading' 1 bbc
Gilberns' 50 years on the road 1 bbc
Gender pay gap in City 'shocking' 0 bbc
Firework display closes festival 0 bbc
Wild cougar captured in US park 0 bbc
Vulnerable babies call rejected 0 bbc
'U-turn' for PM on Libyan pay-out 1 bbc
New genes give Alzheimer's hope 0 bbc