News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Former homes of Tobin searched 1 bbc
China's property market falters 1 bbc
BP happy with US oil-cap progress 0 bbc
Man named after house body find 0 bbc
Cancer survival rates 'doubled' 2 bbc
Facebook agrees to 'panic button' 2 bbc
Pakistan points finger over blast 1 bbc
GPs 'to get control of NHS funds' 3 bbc
Affordable rates lift borrowing 1 bbc
Three officers shot during riots 5 bbc
Smartphone firms face patent row 3 bbc
Weight-loss clubs 'best option' 1 bbc
Iranian woman's stoning 'on hold' 0 bbc
Uganda explosions leave 64 dead 10 bbc
Gunman's camp uncovered by police 7 bbc
Cuba gears up to free dissidents 0 bbc