News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Ice in fuel' caused BA jet crash 5 bbc
Afghan anti-drugs judge is killed 0 bbc
Guilty Detroit mayor to step down 0 bbc
Drug users 'turning to diazepam' 4 bbc
Why such a downer on teenage pregnancy? 3 bbc
Two years for car showroom theft 1 bbc
Queen plans historic foreign trip 1 bbc
Eurozone rates on hold at 4.25% 2 bbc
Local tax plan comes under fire 1 bbc
US voters' views 2008: Republicans 1 bbc
The awk, awk, awk-ward squad 1 bbc
'Ice in fuel' caused BA jet crash 4 bbc
Delivery man 'disposed of bodies' 0 bbc
Daily hassle of travel to school 0 bbc
Cocktail puts woman in hospital 0 bbc
Footage shows boy struck by bus 1 bbc